Top 5 solutions requested by Hospital Administrators:

  1. To replace an existing anesthesia group
  2. Improve leadership
  3. Eliminate or reduce anesthesia subsidy
  4. Transitional consultation and planning
  5. Minimize expensive locum coverage

Anesthesia Consultants of Georgia, LLC has the experience in anesthesiology department operations, market intelligence, site optimization, payor contracting, anesthesia billing, payment & collections, and team recruitment; placing your administration back in the driver seat; while letting our team worry about everything anesthesia related.

Our management team will implement the best and most efficient staffing model for your hospital driven by your surgeons needs with a focus on growing your patient services.

As a major revenue center, it is vital to manage operating room utilization, efficiency, and costs to effectively facilitate expansion into new service lines. These common goals are complemented by an experienced anesthesia management partner who will ensure that local anesthesiologists and CRNAs are dedicated to your OR and procedures rooms contributing to patient safety and overall satisfaction.