A medical team performing an operation

A medical team performing an operation


Anesthesia Consultants of Georgia, LLC provides anesthesia services using the following models, depending on the needs of the facility:

  • CRNA-only coverage
  • Physician-only coverage
  • Anesthesia care team approach (medical direction of CRNA’s)

Regardless of the model, services will comply with national medical standard guidelines and the American Society of Anesthesiology.

Anesthesia Consultants of Georgia, LLC is prepared with staffing models that efficiently cover various daily case volumes, and have the ability to flex up to accommodate more volume as needed.



A key element to enable on-time starts and rapid case turnover is a careful and organized preoperative screening process.  The goal is to ensure that patients are ready to undergo surgery and that needed tests have been completed.  In order to medically optimize patients for surgery and decrease day-of-surgery cancellations and delays, our anesthesia care team will fully engage in the pre-op assessment and testing process to ensure that:

  • Necessary pre-operative assessments & tests have been performed
  • Patients are appropriate candidates & have been medically optimized for scheduled procedure
  • Necessary information is obtained to formulate a strategy for preventing delays and cancellations on the day of surgery

It is in the best interest of your facility and anesthesia for cases to start on time and case turnover to be as fast as possible.  We will work to promote on-time starts by ensuring that our staff is punctual, thereby fostering a culture of promptness on the part of facility staff.

Anesthesia Consultants of Georgia, LLC is frequently asked to participate in the organization and oversight of the operating room schedules with particular attention to increasing utilization efficiencies.  Our designated Medical Director to your facility will coordinate the services including scheduling for sufficient anesthesiologist and CRNA coverage to perform scheduled cases.



Performance assessment is a necessary precursor to performance improvement. Three areas require particular attention:

  • Clinical Outcomes
  • Surgeon and Patient Satisfaction
  • Government quality programs (PQRS & SCIP measures)

We believe that the vision for quality management at your facility is to become a benchmark center with respect to value, productivity, efficiency, cost, and customer service.  Our anesthesia team will maintain a supportive culture that enables your employees and management staff to focus objectively and collaboratively on facility performance and financial outcomes.

Anticipating that your facility will measure quality indicators via a quality assurance committee or team, Anesthesia Consultants of Georgia, LLC, will appoint a “Medical Director of Anesthesia” to your facility.  This Medical Director will have various responsibilities, including but not limited to:  assisting in chart audits, overseeing a peer review process, participating in the evaluation of data metrics, present outcome studies, and monitor all quality indicators such as:

  • Adequate anesthesia pre-assessment evaluations
  • Adequate medical stabilization and optimization
  • Standard anesthesia documentation
  • Anesthesia chart completion
  • Anesthesia adverse events
  • Anesthesia complications
  • Prolonged recovery stays
  • Unanticipated hospital transfer and admissions.
  • Morbidity and Mortality
  • PQRS Metrics

In addition to facility-specific quality indicators, we frequently update and adopt other national benchmarks indicators for quality.